New 'Mad Men' Shots Offer Colorful Clues About Season 7 (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Mar 13, 2014 TV

mad men poster season 7We didn't think it was possible for Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to keep details about the show even MORE under wraps than usual, but somehow he has managed to let very little about season 7 slip. We really haven't seen much other than a few paparazzi-taken shots of Jon Hamm shooting outside of the Algonquin Hotel in L.A. and what can only be described as a micro-trailer that tells us really nothing other than the fact that Don is traveling to or from somewhere ... And oh yeah, the psychedelic art poster (left). In other words, a whole lotta not much to go on. 'Til now!

Check it out -- six new promo pics from AMC! Whoo! Here, the shots ... and some thoughts on what they could mean!

What are your thoughts on the new photos?


Images via Frank Ockenfels/AMC

  • Mrs. Draper's Here to Stay


    Okay, so ... Megan Draper is obviously in the picture. Literally and figuratively. We thought there was a chance she and Don were splitsville, but why would she be in these promo shots if she wasn't an integral part of the plotline this season? Also, hello, gorgeously colorful 1969 wardrobe! We are so in for a treat with Janie Bryant's picks this year.

  • I See a Silver Fox in the Terminal ...


    This shot of Roger couldn't be more obvious, really. Roger surrounded by gorgeous women while waiting at an airport gate means he is definitely still on the prowl, that ol' dog! He's probably hooking up with flight attendants galore.

  • Mad Woman & Her Men Take Flight


    Peggy's clearly leading the pack here, which we figured was the plan all along. And I'm guessing the creatives are heading to L.A., where Sterling Cooper is opening another bureau.

  • Peggy & Don Go Head to Head


    Obvious juxtaposition of new school vs. old. Peggy's optimistic look ahead vs. Don's typical dissatisfied, curmudgeony shtick. A power struggle between past and future.

  • Megan & Don in Limbo


    My favorite, by far! Is this JFK? LAX? Is Don leaving Megan or vice-versa? Or are they actually trying to make it work with a commuter marriage ...? Judging from the photo, there may not even be answers to those questions, because they're obviously hanging in the balance here, waiting ... for a resolution?

  • Roger & Don Haven't Changed One Bit


    Roger, hitting on a flight attendant, drinking -- check. Don looking sullen, drinking -- check, check. The duo headed to California once again -- check, check, check. Obviously, we're in for more of the same in a way, but at the same time, it's bound to be a whole new ballgame.

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