New 'Mad Men' Shots Offer Colorful Clues About Season 7 (PHOTOS)

mad men poster season 7We didn't think it was possible for Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner to keep details about the show even MORE under wraps than usual, but somehow he has managed to let very little about season 7 slip. We really haven't seen much other than a few paparazzi-taken shots of Jon Hamm shooting outside of the Algonquin Hotel in L.A. and what can only be described as a micro-trailer that tells us really nothing other than the fact that Don is traveling to or from somewhere ... And oh yeah, the psychedelic art poster (left). In other words, a whole lotta not much to go on. 'Til now!

Check it out -- six new promo pics from AMC! Whoo! Here, the shots ... and some thoughts on what they could mean!


What are your thoughts on the new photos?


Images via Frank Ockenfels/AMC

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