Nathan Griffith Admits He's 'Embarrassed' About Jenelle Evans' Mom (VIDEO)

The last episode of Teen Mom 2 made it clear that Jenelle Evans' baby daddy has no fan in her mom, Barbara. And small wonder. She basically compared him to all of Jenelle's other boyfriends -- you know, the ones who wreck her cars -- and clearly wasn't too impressed when he showed her his pay stubs. "She had X amount of money and paid for mostly everything for this house!" she snaps back, making sense. It ended with Nathan accusing Babs of being responsible for Jenelle's heroin addiction (low blow). But apparently the two have since come to a détente.


After the show aired, Nathan wrote on Twitter:

His tweet got the usual hate responses from some, but others took his side. Tweeted Teen Mom Truth:

Teen Mom Truth reveals:

A source tells us that after Barbara realized what Nathan was like, and the kind of guy he was, and family he came from, she realized what a great fit he is for Jenelle.

Well, let's hope that turns out to be true!

Do you think Nathan is the best thing to happen to Jenelle?

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