Juan Pablo's Romantic Gift to Nikki Ferrell Was Not What It Seemed at All (VIDEO)

juan pabloWhen Bachelor Juan Pablo released the video he made for his newly crowned (newly rosed? What do we even say here?) lady love Nikki Ferrell on Tuesday, he came close to winning us all over. However unlikable he might have been in the past, and however awkward his refusal to say he loved Nikki back might be, the tender video he put together for her revealed that he does care about her -- even if he isn't ready to say so just yet.

But now it looks like even that "sweet" gift for Nikki wasn't everything it was cracked up to be. Say it ain't so, Juan Pablo! It turns out that the whole 'make a video compilation representing my romantic feelings for a lady' thing is one of his moves! That is advanced-level Lothario-type behavior. I would be impressed if I wasn't struggling to keep the bile in my throat from gaining egress.


Because as sweet and romantic as a video testimonial proclaiming your feelings is, it begins to lose its efficacy when you do it more than once.

Oh yeah. You heard me. This ain't Juan Pablo's first visit to his computer's free-with-purchase video-editing suite. He made a video strikingly similar to this one for his baby mama, Carla Rodriguez! Oh Juan Pablo. The shame of it all.

You could make the argument that just because he's made more than one love video, that doesn't make his feelings any less real for both women. To which I would say -- hooey! I'd say it loud, and I'd say it proud. Because -- come on! This is proof that every move this guy makes is calculated and phony. If it doesn't bolster his own ego, he's got no time for it. For a dude who was so worried how his daughter would view him after watching the show as an adult, you'd think he'd give a little bit more thought into how much of his shady-dating playbook he exposes to the world.

Do you think Juan Pablo really loves Nikki?


Image via Juan Pablo Galavais/YouTube

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