'Modern Family' Recap: Haley's New Crush Definitely Reminds Her of Someone She's Close To

Alex Modern FamilyThis week on Modern Family, all the adults wound up spending time with kids other than their own. This was as varied as Cam and Mitchell going to the museum with Alex and Luke, or Gloria and Claire taking Lilly shopping for a flower girl dress. But the pairing that really took the cake was Phil's day of amateur film-making with Andy, the male nanny to baby Joe. The only thing odd about the day the two spent together was just how well the duo got along. It was a friendship that could only be spoiled by one thing -- Haley falling for Andy! 

Andy was pining away for his girlfriend Beth, who is working with the Coast Guard. Phil offered to help Andy make a video for her using his green screen and camcorder. Pause to acknowledge how hilarious it is that Phil actually owns a green screen. Moving on. Phil and Andy were in their element as they made the movie. The only person potentially putting a damper on the whole thing? Haley. 


She was waiting at home for her latest bad-boy date to come pick her up. She had no time for the over-the-top romance her dad and Andy favor when it comes to courtship. Clearly she was just licking her wounded pride when her date showed up ... three hours late. Her dad and Andy tell her she deserves better, but Haley just rolls her eyes.

But apparently, between their harping and having to stand in for Andy's girlfriend in the movie, Haley started to see things their way. She boots the bad boyfriend to the curb and is inside swooning over Andy. Of course she thinks he's cute -- HE IS JUST LIKE HER DAD! I don't know which was funnier, watching Andy and Phil goof off for the camera or the slowly dawning look of horror on Haley's face as she put two and two together. Priceless.

Do you think Haley and Andy have a future together?


Image via ABC

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