You Won’t Believe Who Jenelle Evans Invited to Her Baby Shower!

Jenelle EvansWere you paying attention to the interwebs during Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2? If not, you may have missed what may be Jenelle Evans’ first official baby shower invitation, and you’ll never guess who it was to.

Jenelle invited her costar and frenemy Kailyn Lowry! Say what? Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that Jenelle was threatening to quit over Kail’s involvement on the show? My how quickly tides can turn.


It looks like whatever feud took place between the girls has been resolved, because during the episode, Nathan Griffith, whom I’m liking more and more by the way, tweeted Kail and told her she looked beautiful in her wedding dress.

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Then Kail tweeted back and said thanks, and that she wished they had come to the wedding, because she had invited them all. Jenelle tweeted back that she’s “bad at remembering dates,” but that Kailyn is “def being invited to the baby shower!”

Oh my gosh, I wonder if she’ll go? I totally would! To be a fly on the wall at that shindig may be one of the most entertaining things that could every happen to me.

Do you think Kail should go to Jenelle’s baby shower?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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