Leah Messer’s Husband Proves He Needs Counseling by Refusing to Go (VIDEO)

Leah MesserOn Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Lean Messer and Jeremy Calvert are dealing with their relationship problems and trying to make their marriage work. Leah wants Jeremy to go to couples therapy with her, not necessarily because there’s anything wrong, but because she wants to learn to communicate better.

You know, normal wife stuff. But Jeremy is less than interested in going to see someone to talk about his icky feelings. He also seems to be afraid of losing his manhood if he lets a therapist tell him what to do.


Leah confronted the issue while they made BLTs in the kitchen. She said, "I didn't mention counseling to make it sound like our relationship was bad, we're doing it to understand each other's feelings and make our marriage stronger ... you just don't wanna do it, you'd feel less of a man if you do it, which is wrong."

Jeremy responded with, "I don't think I need 'Billy Bob' down in Charleston telling me what's wrong or what we need to do."

OK fine. I get it. Men don’t like counseling. But women don’t like feeling degraded either, and Jeremy definitely needs to respect Leah more than he did in this clip. He slapped her in the face with bacon! She was obviously perturbed and asked why he did that.

"Just to piss you off."

Gee, why oh why does Leah think they need counseling?


Do you think Leah and Jeremy could benefit from therapy?


Image via Leah Messer/Instagram

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