Chelsea Houska Gets Some Disturbing News From Aubree’s Dad

Chelsea HouskaOn last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska’s flaky ex-boyfriend and baby daddy threw her for quite a loop. After four years of having little to nothing to do with Aubree, Adam Lind asserted his parental rights and filed for visitation.

What the? It’s always astounding when dads who rarely spend time with their kids randomly decide that they want to be good parents. It’s nice in theory and all, but people generally are who they are, and it seems to me that sometimes jerks start feeling bad about being jerks, so they try to do something “non-jerky” to feel better about themselves. And then it falls through because they’re jerks.


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Le sigh. Child custody is the gift that keeps on giving, and while it’s good for kids to spend time with both parents, when one isn’t very reliable, they have to prove they can handle it. Chelsea is understandably skeptical of Adam’s commitment level.

"When I got those papers from Adam, I don't know. He has always said he was going to do something like that literally since she was born," Chelsea explained during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after show. "I think his parents more, like, wanted a set [schedule]. Obviously, anytime that I have to be away from her I'm not gonna like."

"I don't know how he is. I know he wasn't that great when he was around from what I saw, so that makes me even more nervous," she explained. "So that's why I feel a lot better when she's with his parents. When she does come back from her parents or him, she's different, she kinda acts up a bit."

Of course she acts up -- she probably gets spoiled rotten, plus the lack of consistency likely gets to her. Kids need routine, man.

So does Adam have what it takes to man up and be a real father to Aubree? Well, he’s a dad of two now, so maybe he’s actually starting to take some responsibility. Only time will tell.

Do you think Adam will be consistent about spending time with Aubree?


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