Juan Pablo Wages Ridiculous War on 'Bachelor' Producers

juan pablo galavis nikki ferrell abc after the final roseLove him or hate him, Juan Pablo Galavis' controversial, confusing, calamitous breakup with the Bachelor franchise is like a trainwreck we're having trouble looking away from. And the whole fiasco just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

While his relationship with the recipient of his final rose, Nikki Ferrell, may very well be sailing on smooth waters these days (at least judging from JPG's new declaration of love on YouTube), the tensions with Bachelor producers couldn't be higher. In short, it appears that the suddenly uber-private Bachelor hasn't just "slapped" the hand that fed him -- as Catherine Giudici put it -- he's declared war on it!

What Chris Harrison says happened as soon as cameras stopped rolling at the After the Final Rose special on Monday night really serves to illustrate just how ugly it has gotten!


He asked -- not in a mean way -- but if they were done. And then he got up, grabbed Nikki's hand and they walked out of the studio by themselves. Nobody applauded, nobody booed. He just walked off like two people going to the bathroom. To me, that summed it all up. It's Juan Pablo's world against the rest of the world and everybody be dammed. But the only catch is, nobody is against him! He took a picture with Nikki on the street corner in Hollywood alone saying like, "I'm free." But there's not a battle going on. This is a time when you're with a woman you love, she loves you, you should be backstage like we were with Catherine and Sean, and Des and Chris, and Emily and Jef, etc., where we're popping champagne and toasting to the future. Instead, they're on a street corner alone angrily Instagramming.

HA. Well, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that he exited that way, considering that sources say the single dad is "so angry with the Bachelor production team. He's had major tension with them since right when he got back from filming. Juan thought they gave him no privacy and wanted to know too much about his personal life and what he was doing all the time. ... [Monday] night he was so fed up with everyone on staff there. He said he wasn't going to do anything they said anymore."

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Sorry, buddy, but that is what you signed up for! I completely get that he wants to live his life, have a real relationship with Nikki (supposedly) behind closed doors, and propose on his own watch. But I would imagine you could still do ALL of that and still play the game -- or at least play nice! -- for the reality TV show you willingly took part in. But no. Chris Harrison explains:

He created this battle in his mind and it manifested itself last night in a really bizarre manner, like, 'I'll show the world, I'm not going to tell this beautiful woman who loves me that I care for her!' That only hurt two people in the entire world last night: Nikki and himself. ... Everything was just so angry and defensive and almost callus. It's like whatever you have going on in your mind, there's no battle here. Everyone wants you at the end of the day to succeed.

So true. And yet, this is how JPG sees it ...

Whatever. Ultimately, it's just a shame that a show about finding love had to end on such a combative note -- and that's no one's fault but Juan Pablo's.

What do you think about Juan Pablo's war on the producers -- justified or not?


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