Chelsea Handler Calls Out Piers Morgan for His Appalling Manners (VIDEO)

Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan Piers Morgan's talk show on CNN recently announced that it won't be coming back for another season. Piers done got cancelled! But don't feel too bad for Mr. Morgan. He kind of had this coming. Doubt me? Well one of Piers' guests, fellow talk-show host Chelsea Handler, has a pretty good handle (I'm so sorry but I had to, puns for life, y'all) on why he got the axe.

Chelsea recently took Piers to task on the air for his poor behavior as host and, you know, human being. Apparently during a commercial break in the middle of his interview with her, Piers wouldn't even make eye contact with Chelsea, let alone speak to her. She pointed out that not talking to his guest and spending his time tweeting isn't just part of the problem, it might be why his show wasn't successful. Somebody call the burn squad, yo -- Piers is on fire.


At first, Morgan tries (lamely, might we add) to defend himself. But, naturally, he does this in the worst way possible -- by insulting Chelsea. Oh dear. Did he not realize this was only going to make everything worse?

When Chelsea pointed out that straight-up ignoring a guest when you weren't on air with them didn't make for great hosting, Piers sneeringly replied that it wasn't his problem. He blamed Chelsea for not "interesting him enough." Oh cool, so just be a giant ass? Nice work, bro! Chelsea may not be everyone's cup of tea. She can be brash and direct, but it's kind of hard to argue with her in this instance. She clearly knows what she's talking about when it comes to hosting guests. It seems like visitors to her show always have a good time. Piers maybe should've employed less sass or more listening.

Do you think Piers owes Chelsea an apology? I mean, clearly, right?


Image via New York Daily News

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