Juan Pablo Finally Confesses His Love for Nikki Ferrell (VIDEO)

Juan PabloSo imagine if Juan Pablo wrote and recorded a beautiful song for Nikki Ferrell, and then set that song to a slideshow of adorable moments they've shared together. You would totally forgive him for all the bullshit he's caused lately, right? Well, he didn't do that. This is still Juan Pablo we're talking about here. But he did "send words" to someone named Obie Bermudez, who happens to sound exactly like what I would imagine JP's singing voice to be. And that dude wrote and recorded a song -- which then allowed Juan Pablo to create that slideshow I was talking about.

Oh and one minor detail ... Juan Pablo totally confesses his love for Nikki in the video. You hear me, Chris Harrison? LOVE. For starters, the song is called "Adventures in Loving You" and has lyrics like "love comes quickly when it's meant to be." OMG, I'm seriously starting to like him again, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I don't know what's happening to me.


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Take a look. But listen closely to this guy's voice. If I told you that was Juan Pablo singing, you'd totally believe me, right?

So I'm sure there will be haters out there saying JP didn't really make this video, but how do you explain the intimate photos and video clips that were clearly taken on Nikki's iPhone? This is his way of showing his love for his girl and it's incredibly romantic. He doesn't have to say the words on national television to make it real. Stuff like this makes it real.

I actually like them now a lot. DAMN IT.

Do you think Juan Pablo is actually in love now?


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