Jenelle Evans' Mom Says She Prefers Gary Head to Nathan Griffin (?!)

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans might seem to be in her best relationship yet with Nathan Griffith, but not according to Jenelle's mom, Barbara. Barb showed up on the new episode of Teen Mom 2 and unleashed on Nathan. And Nathan has already made it clear he's not a fan of Barbara, saying that he believes she enabled Jenelle's heroin use. But just why would he say such a thing?!


A source tells RadarOnline:

He said before she even was over there he was upset because he overheard a conversation between Jenelle and her mom where Barbara was saying how she could see right through him and that he was a phony and a pretty boy just trying to use them. Jenelle asked her mom to name one more guy that can come even close to comparing with him and she said Gary.

Huh? Isn't Gary the one who got into a domestic dispute with Jenelle? But according to Barbara, he wasn't that bad. And definitely preferable to Nathan. Says the source:

Gary cheated on her and used to hit her, but her mom said 'Well if he didn’t do all that he would be better.' Jenelle was pissed. Nathan really tries his hardest to be the nicest most genuine and respectful person he can. Jenelle tells him he's too nice all the time and that’s why he gets walked on.

Wow, if this is really Barbara's way of thinking, then it's no wonder Jenelle has so many issues! Who would ever want their daughter to go back to a guy who hit her?

Anyway, I guess this was all in the past, and sources say the two are getting along these days. Hard to believe!

Do you think Gary was preferable to Nathan?


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