Nathan Griffith Blames Jenelle Evans’ Mom for Her Heroin Addiction (VIDEO)

Jenelle EvansHoly crap! In a sneak peek for Tuesday night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, we get a glimpse of maybe why Jenelle Evans seems so much happier and healthier with Nathan Griffith than she has with anyone else.

The man has some serious cojones, and he will protect his woman and child -- even against Grandmommy dearest. Barbara Evans stopped by Nathan and Jenelle’s house to check up on her and bring her son Jace (whom she has custody of) for a visit.


Barbara being Barbara started getting all up in Jenelle’s grill. Apparently that relationship doesn’t function if Barbara’s not (loudly) telling Jenelle exactly how screwed up she is and nitpicking everything the girl does and Jenelle’s not telling her mother (rudely) to shut up.

Anyway, once that started, Nathan stepped in and asked Barbara to leave. He even said please. Then she started cussing, and he asked her not to cuss. Barbara of course couldn’t help herself and started verbally attacking the couple, and Nathan flat-out accused her of getting her daughter addicted to heroin.


I’m not saying that Barbara got Jenelle addicted to heroin, but fans of the show know that Barbara hasn’t been the most stable mother. Maybe someone finally believing in Jenelle and standing up for her has helped her move beyond her troubled past.

Do you think Nathan was right for standing up to Jenelle’s mom?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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