5 Ways 'The Bachelor' Is Ruining Your Marriage

Juan Pablo & Nikki Ferrell

Are you and your husband practically glued to the TV every Monday night watching to see what goes down on The Bachelor? Yeah, you're not alone. And don't even let your spouse try and fool you. He's totally into the show even though he acts like he thinks it's total trash.

But believe it or not, watching The Bachelor together as a couple may be doing your marriage a lot more harm than good -- and there's even the possibility it may lead to you calling it quits once and for all.


Here are five ways The Bachelor is taking its toll on your wedded bliss.

  1. Bachelor fans are 14.5 times more likely to look into divorce -- No, I'm not kidding. An advertising/technology firm called Exponential Interactive actually figured out this information based on analyzing Bachelor fans online. They are also 11.4 times more interested in seeking out an attorney to get the ball rolling.
  2. Watching the show reminds us the honeymoon is over -- You know those butterflies you get when embarking on a new romance? We all know they fade as marriage goes on. And watching the women on The Bachelor experience that passion all while you're sitting next to a dude who isn't afraid to fart in front of you kind of makes you long for the good old days.
  3. We get too obsessed with other people's relationships -- That makes us forget and neglect our own. If you can remember Juan Pablo's last date but can't recall the last time you and your hubby went out for a night on the town, you might be in trouble.
  4. We buy into the fantasy -- Gah. When was the last time your husband took you on a helicopter ride or to a private island? The relationships on The Bachelor are so much more exciting than ours.
  5. We drool over the eye candy -- Come on, admit it. You didn't mind Juan Pablo's abs even if you thought he was a jerk face. Oh, and don't kid yourself -- your husband certainly doesn't mind seeing all those girls prance around in bikinis.

Do you and your husband enjoy watching The Bachelor together?


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