'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans' Honeymoon Is Over

Barbara Evans Teen Mom 2Well, that didn't take long! Nathan Griffith burst onto Teen Mom 2 this season as Jenelle Evans' savior, the first guy with a real J-O-B and a clean rap sheet who actually made Barbara Evans feel like her daughter was making smart choices on the dating front. Consider all that old news.

The new hotness? Bah-brah is so over Nathan Griffith. And I don't think we've seen her this worked up since her infamous "hope ya have fun livin' on the street with your boooooyfriend" speech!


Yup, the honeymoon is over. Jenelle's back on Barbara's bad side thanks to yet another guy.

First we got to see -- or rather hear -- Barbara lose it on a bed-ridden Jenelle. Mama Babs was supposed to be calling to check on Jenelle after surgery to remove her appendix, but it quickly devolved into Jace's grandma ranting about how Nathan is a control freak and her worries that Jenelle is paying his bills. Naturally Jenelle doesn't exactly make things better, telling her other she's "f---ing dumb" before hanging up on her, but then again Barbara doesn't give her a chance to really say much to defend herself ... or Nathan.

But the feces really hit the fan when Barbara swings by chez Jenelle and Nathan. In no time flat Barbara and Nathan are fighting with Babs warning Nathan that fresh-out-of-jail Courtland will run him off the road if he dares drive Jenelle's car, and it will be just like every other boyfriend who has destroyed one of her vehicles. Quick to take offense, Nathan lashes back at Barbara for assuming he's just like all of Jenelle's past boyfriends ... and it is ON like Donkey Kong.

Next thing you know Nathan is yelling at Barbara for letting Jenelle get hooked on heroin because she didn't "keep her on a short enough leash," and Barbara is cursing and screaming at the top of her lungs.

I do have to say this Nathan; it was nice to have someone FINALLY tell Barbara that cursing and screaming at Jenelle is just as harmful to Jace as anything Jenelle has done. Barbara's done a lot stepping in to be the parent to that little guy, but there's a reason she ended up having to do it ... because she wasn't such a stellar parent herself!

By comparison, the rest of tonight's episode was pretty tame. Leah and Corey's daughter had her first day of school, and other than getting a little tired -- what toddler wouldn't -- she had a blast.

Kailyn's getting closer to her wedding, and closer to her due date, and on top of everything else going on in her life, she now has to find a new OB/GYN in her new home state.

As for Chelsea, Adam finally filed the court papers he's been threatening to file for months now. She's now facing court ... and an actual custody agreement.

Who did you think was right? Barbara or Nathan?


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