Maci Bookout Endures Gross Vacation Problem While on Spring Break (VIDEO)

Maci BookoutMaci Bookout is taking a little break from mommying her adorable son Bentley at the Spring Break Capital, aka Florida’s Daytona Beach. Hey, girlfriend has earned it. She’s one of the Teen Mom alums that has always seemed to have it a little (or a lot) more together than her costars.

Anyway, the gorgeous redhead ditched both her boys (boyfriend Taylor McKinny wasn’t invited either) to spend some time with her girlfriends, just having fun in the sun and generally relaxing and probably enjoying a cocktail or two. And by that I probably mean shots of the bar, because hi, it’s Spring Break in Daytona.


But then she ran into a very common vacation probably -- people getting too hot and heavy in the communal hot tub.

Maci posted a Keek video from the balcony of her room sharing with us all the glory that we shall hence force refer to as Gross Hot Tub Couple.

Mar 8, 2014 | question mark. by MaciBookoutMTV on

Don’t you hate Gross Hot Tub Couple? I mean come on, I get how the warm water and bubbles and bikinis can make you feel a little frisky (plus those shots off the bar from earlier), but please exit the hot tub and find a room. You’re at a hotel. You should have one. If you don’t, don't be so stupid you hook up with someone else that doesn’t have one either.

Maci’s video is a public service announcement, really. If you’re ever on vacation and find yourself making out in the hot tub, please stop yourself, blush appropriately, and find a room. No one likes you.

Have you ever made out in a public hot tub?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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