'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Finale Recap: Are Brandi & Lisa Really Done Forever?

Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump fight It took Brandi Glanville over two years to do it, but tonight on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she effectively ended her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump once and for all. Or at least until the muchly-hyped reunion airs next week. On one hand, it was sad to see what they had peter out with such a whimper rather than a bang. On the other, it was a well overdue parting.

Sure, Ken Todd and Lisa did, as Brandi said, 'adopt' her. But that was during a particularly dark time in her life. Relationships change. We need to change with them. Brandi has grown and healed from the wounds caused by her divorce. Whatever else was going on, Lisa treating her like an injured dove wasn't just unnecessary -- it was also detrimental to Brandi's growth as a person. Oh my god. I am taking this so seriously. This is probably why no one invites me to parties. It's my gravitas. Also my IBS. 


Everything came to a boil when Brandi pulled Lisa aside at a party to celebrate Beverly Hills existing. That is not me being glib and cute. That was the actual reason for the party all the wives were attending. 

I'm maybe overstating things when I say that it all came to a boil. In keeping with baking metaphors, everything came to gentle peaks rather than stiff ones (giggity). It was Lisa and Ken versus everyone else, and the conversation-confrontations were much the same as they'd all previously had in Puerto Rico. 

The exception to this was Brandi and Lisa's pow-wow. I was kind of cheering for Brandi. She was eloquent and had obviously given her comments a lot of thought going in. I felt like she hit all her points: She was done being Lisa's pawn, though she was grateful for the things she'd done for her in the past. Lisa blinked at this and really just sort of refused to engage.

Brandi just wanted Lisa to pick her over Scheana Marie. Lisa wouldn't do it. I don't agree with the ultimatum, but I get where Brandi's coming from. Hell, I guess I should just say that I'm staunchly team Glanville on this.

At a minimum, if you know that you are friends both with a mistress and the woman whose husband she was sleeping with, keep them apart. It was wrong of Lisa to keep forcing Scheana down Brandi's throat. I don't feel like this subject is closed. I guarantee a rehashing at the reunion

Who do you think was right, Brandi or Lisa?


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