Katie Holmes’ New TV Role Is Nothing Like Joey Potter

katie holmesYou couldn't get farther from Joey Potter if you tried. Katie Holmes is returning to TV in a new role, and it's pretty much the opposite of her old Dawson's Creek character. She'll be playing a fancy-pants Manhattan socialite -- and it sounds like a juicy role. She's signed on to a new ABC drama. The pilot doesn't have a title yet, but it's from the creator of Behind the Candelabra, so I'm expecting some soapy fun. Could this be the perfect role for Katie?


The plot is similar to the movie Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions. Here's how E! describes it:

Well-bred, smart and stylish, Ann runs a philanthropic foundation with her husband, and becomes the target of the bet between Philip (to be played by Rufus Sewell) and Margot (yet to be cast) to reveal the lie of love. However, Ann will soon become a match for Phillip, meaning we'll get to see quite the racy side of Holmes.

Hmm, that sounds familiar. Wasn't Katie Holmes just playing the socialite wife of someone famous and powerful, and wasn't the whole world ready to expose her marriage as a lie? Only for Katie, that was her real life. Now that's she's actually spent some time as a Manhattan princess I can actually see her in this role.

We've seen Holmes play the tomboy girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Joey in Dawson's Creek), and we've seen her play a hipster (the movie Go). And we've seen her in a several other forgettable roles ... or not seen her, as the case may be.

This sounds like it could be a fun, fresh role for Holmes (real life aside), and just the break she needs. I hope it's well-written and the series gets picked up. Doesn't Joey deserve a comeback? I think so! Here's to Kate Holmes 2.0.

Do you think this sounds like the perfect comeback role for Katie Holmes?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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