Jenelle Evans Insists She’s Not Lying About Her Pregnancy

Jenelle EvansPoor Jenelle Evans can’t seem to catch a break this pregnancy. She’s had extreme morning sickness, then that blocked intestinal thing, the root canal, and general aches and pains, to name a few of her prenatal woes.

One Monday, the Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter to moan and groan about her pregnancy and lack of sleep last night. “Terrible nightmare and terrible stomach ache, ugh. This night just wasn't my night to try to get sleep,” the 22-year-old tweeted.


And because she’s Jenelle and has gathered not a small number of anti-fans in the tumultuous years since she first appeared on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, she was immediately accused of “lying” about her symptoms, being a hypochondriac, and even of going through “withdrawal.”

Well OK then. Of course Jenelle, ever one to sit by demurely and let things slide did just that. Hahahaha! No, she didn’t do that. She went back to Twitter to call out the haters.

In all fairness, they may be judging her on her numerous arrests for drug use. BUT, everyone has a past, and it really seems like Jenelle is working on getting her act together, so sitting around and slamming her on the Internet seems kind of like a waste of time.

Besides, if she really is a hypochondriac, the best way to feed that is to give her attention, Internet trolls. But then again, since when have Internet trolls cared about the people they slam online?

Do you think women should be able to moan and groan about the aches of pregnancy?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter


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