'Walking Dead' Recap: We Lose a Character In an Entirely Unexpected Way

Walking Dead (Spoilers ahead!) I have to say, I was greatly underwhelmed by last week's Walking Dead that revolved around Beth's quest for her first drink and Daryl's manly struggle to deal with all his feeeeeeeelings. As for whether you guys agreed with me, opinions were … um, varied. ("Another wasted hour of my life." "It was a sweet episode. You guys suck" "Worst episode ever!" "I love this show and I wish all the ppl who bitch non stop would STOP WATCHING IF THEY HATE IT SO MUCH!!!")

And that's why you can't trust Amazon reviews. Anyway, I was more than ready to put the peach schnapps behind us and move on with tonight's show. Here's what went down in episode 13 of this season's Walking Dead, titled "Alone":


We open with a bedraggled Bob Stookey making his way through the woods, limping and thousand-yard-staring and guzzling store-brand Nyquil. Man, he looks like shit, something really terrible must have happened to Maggie and -- oh, wait, it's a flashback to the moment when Daryl and Glenn first found him and brought him back to the prison. Bob's just happy to be around people, and thus we pretty much have our theme for the entire episode: connecting with others in a group vs. striking out on your own.

Daryl and Beth find a nice cozy funeral home, and take the opportunity to bond over canned pigs' feet and Beth's piano playing. It seems like plenty of Walking Dead viewers are picking up an increasing romantic/sexual tension vibe between Daryl and Beth, but my personal feeling is that it's totally innocent. Daryl's growing more fond of her, like a friend or a big brother, not a hey-everyone's-legal-during-the-zombie-apocalypse way. Maybe I'm wrong, though, and he was just about to suggest that in addition to her first drink she could explore some other firsts, perhaps inside that nice bedlike coffin. We'll never know, because right when Daryl was saying that they might settle down and team up with the unseen other folks they suspected were using the funeral home because by golly good people do still exist in the world, zombies bust in and send the two of them into survival mode.

After fending off a pack of walkers via some ingenious morgue gurney-fu, Daryl races outside to see Beth's backpack dumped on the ground. Then a car screeches off into the night, presumably with Beth inside. Of all the various ways the Beth/Daryl thing might have played out during tonight's show, I so did not call "random drive-by kidnapping."

Elsewhere, Bob, Maggie, and Sasha find the sign for Terminus. Maggie and Bob are on board with going there, while Sasha is all, hey how about we stay somewhere that isn't the middle of the creepy zombie-choked woods and work on not getting killed for a while? I'm kind of with Sasha on this, but when Maggie takes off by herself, Bob has to follow. He can't leave Maggie alone, he says, giving Sasha a smooch … then walking away as he leaves Sasha alone.

Sasha briefly checks out a building in order to set up camp (ALONE), but ends up spotting Maggie (sleeping outside next to a pile of dead walkers while others lurk nearby, WTF) and they hug that shit out and head off to reunite with Bob by walking like a quarter mile behind him completely undetected before calling his name. Nice survival instincts, Bob.

Daryl -- who's been chasing after Beth's trail all night, it seems -- is approached by the same group of men who were in the Rick/Carl/Michonne house. They all instantly start acting like assholes, but after Daryl bloodies the leader's nose, the guy laughs cheerfully and announces that goshdarn it, he respects a bowman. In case it's not perfectly clear whether this is a good guy or not, he tells Daryl, "Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?" Daryl seemingly agrees to join their group, but we have to assume he's doing so to figure out what happened to Beth.

Lastly, we get a quick peek at Glenn (and thus Abraham, Tara, etc) discovering yet another Terminus sign, so ALL of our gang is heading there now. I'm guessing that will be the season finale, right? Everyone regrouping at Terminus, which likely isn't much of a sanctuary at all.

How'd you like tonight's episode? Are you a fan of the group being splintered off and getting more insight into individual characters?

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