'Lindsay' Recap: Lindsay Lohan Struggles to Remain Sane in New York

Lindsay LohanOn the premiere episode of Lindsay, the docuseries about Lindsay Lohan's struggle to stay sober and sane fresh out of rehab, Linds moves from Los Angeles to New York City in order to be closer to her family and hopefully reboot her career. She's got her work cut out for her. "I used to like her," is the general consensus from strangers interviewed on the street. Yeah, we all used to. Remember The Parent Trap? Mean Girls? And then the DUIs, thefts, more DUIs, car crashes, lying to the police, and solitary confinement? More what Lindsay is known for now. But coming out of rehab for the sixth (that's not a typo) time, Lindsay feels that this could be her last chance to get back some respect. Well, maybe not respect. But something? A paycheck, maybe?


The show starts off with Lindsay apartment hunting -- which is probably the single most stressful undertaking a human being can attempt if the apartment hunting is being done in New York City. Lindsay doesn't have it any better than your average schlub -- in fact, she may have it worse, given her reputation. For who really wants Lindsay as a neighbor? And when her broker breaks the news that the owner of the apartment she settles on wants a $10 million insurance policy -- which she is sure no one will give her -- well, let's just say Lindsay's post-rehab serenity immediately flies out the window. "Who has that?" she snaps at the broker. "I'm not Oprah!"

That wasn't Lindsay's only meltdown of the evening. There was her decision not to fly to the Venice Film Festival for the launch of her movie The Canyons. She very rightly concludes that the party atmosphere of a film festival isn't where she should be when she's trying to avoid champagne -- but that doesn't stop the film's director, Paul Schrader, from slagging her off at a press event.

"I've been held hostage to a talented but unpredictable actress who said she'd be here today but isn't," he grouses. Sheesh, Paul, maybe don't hire Lindsay Lohan next time if it was predictability you wanted.

We also get a scene of Lindsay's famous temper when she quits a lingerie shoot rather than take on some dialogue she wasn't prepared for. "This isn't what I signed up for!" she hollers, before storming off set and refusing to shoot anything.

But behind the diva antics are some real issues -- and we get one real clue where all of this is coming from when Lindsay says in an off-guarded moment, "I hate when someone makes a promise and breaks that promise. It makes me lose all trust in them. Just like when I was a kid with my dad."

A-ha! And for a moment you feel deeply, truly sorry for Lindsay.

But then she spontaneously makes her hapless assistant move all of her things out of her hotel room and into another -- for no particular reason.

I look forward to Lindsay turning some of that venom on the person who really deserves it -- her father.

Did you watch the show? What did you think about Lindsay's behavior?

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