Maci Bookout Reminds Moms of One Thing We Can't Afford to Do Wrong

Maci Bookout Bentley

I'm gonna say it. I love me some Maci Bookout. She seems so genuine and sweet, and she really has her act together. It's so obvious that her son Bentley is her number one priority.

And as it turns out, she's full of all sorts of wisdom most of us probably weren't aware of.

She shared this adorable photo of her and Bentley. With it, she dished out a few words of advice that every parent should remember, take to heart, and try and put into action every single day for the sake of their kids' happiness.


She said:

Some of the best parenting advice I've ever received was that no matter how many questions your child asks ... Like 'Why do you have to stop at a red light?' followed by a 'Why did they make that a rule?' followed by a 'What happens if you don't stop at a red light?' followed by about five more 'Why's?' ... Try your best to take the time to answer every question. They're listening, and learning. One day they will appreciate the time you spent talking to them.

Did she hit the nail right on the head or what? How many times has your child hit you with the 20-question thing and you feel yourself getting a little bit annoyed? We've all been there. We're only human. But it's so important to remember that we need to take advantage of every chance we get to teach them the ways of the world -- because before we know it, they'll leave the nest and that'll be that.

And then we'll all be hot messes over how fast our babies grew up and we'll wish for the days when we were the ones they came to with all of their questions and -- OMG I think I'd better stop now before I get all weepy.

Listen to Maci, and listen to your kids. You won't regret it.

Do you take time to answer every question your child asks?


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