Leah Calvert's Husband Comes Clean About Their Marriage

Leah & Jeremy Calvert

Even though every couple has their fair share of ups and downs, things tend to get taken out of context if you have cameras following you around. And that's why there's been quite a bit of speculation lately over whether Leah (Messer) Calvert's marriage is in jeopardy.

Well, apparently she doesn't have anything to worry about, because Jeremy Calvert insists they're not splitting up -- something which he made perfectly clear on Twitter.


He simply said, "Jesus people me and @TM2LeahDawn are not getting a divorce!!!"

And there you have it. Haters gonna hate, but it sounds like Jeremy and Leah have every intention of sticking with it for the long haul and making their marriage work -- even when the rough patches make them feel like giving up.

Ok, ok, so maybe they've both made comments about divorce in the past, but honestly, who hasn't? Plenty of couples have threatened each other with leaving or at least thought about getting divorced in their heads. Then they talk things out and everything winds up being ok.

Leah and Jeremy are no different, and even though they still will likely face more hardships down the road, it definitely seems like they have their priorities in line.

And they really, really are cute together, don't you think? (They'll be just fine. I know it.)

Do you think Leah and Jeremy will stay together?


Image via Instagram

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