'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Alone' Has a Real Horror Movie Vibe (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Wondering what we've got to look forward to in the next Walking Dead episode? Search no further for answers, my zombie-loving friend, because I've got the inside scoop! And by "inside scoop" I mean I've collected the official promo footage AMC has released. I guess that's not really inside-y at all, but whatever, the point is, if you're curious about the upcoming "Alone" episode that's airing on Sunday, March 9th, I've totally done all the half-assed Googling necessary to make some vague speculations about what's going to happen!

All caught up with the latest Walking Dead? Then let's get to the sneak peeks.


As always, the synopsis for "Alone" doesn't reveal much:

One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection.

I'm guessing that the group who finds shelter is Beth and Daryl, based on the brief footage we see of them in this promo:

Looks like they're at a graveyard, right? And here's a released photo from the episode, which seems to show Beth chilling out in a funeral home:

As if one righteous horror trope (gah, a mortuary during the zombie apocalypse) wasn't enough, we also see Sasha, Bob Stookey, and Maggie in a truly skin-crawling walker standoff:

God, that fog is downright spooky. Also spooky:

• Apparently Sasha & Co. only have six bullets left, which is bad news.

• The sneak peek clip makes it look like Bob may have been bitten, but I'm guessing his bandage ends up saving him.

• Beth and Daryl aren't faring much better, what with that brief scene of Daryl screaming, "Beth, run!" and her saying, "I'm not going to leave you!" Personally, my money's on Beth going down sooner than later. She's served her purpose by convincing Daryl to leave his past behind, now it's time for her to die horribly and make him realize he really did care about her after all. *swelling music*

What's your call about this Sunday's show? Do you think someone's going to die, and if so, who?

Image via AMC

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