Jenelle Evans Has Epic Response to Amber Portwood's Criticism

Jenelle Evans

We all expected her to say something about the harsh comments she received the other day, and now Jenelle Evans is firing back at Amber Portwood, who basically said Jenelle is headed down the same path she went. (You know, straight to the slammer.)

Jenelle took to Twitter to call Amber out for her words, and honestly? You're not going to believe how civil, calm, and mature her response was.

(Yes, I'm serious.)


And then she followed it up with this little gem:

Um, who else is absolutely floored by the restraint she exercised? She didn't drop one f-bomb. (Not one!) And she didn't call Amber names or even get close to giving her a piece of her mind. She simply questioned why Amber feels the need to judge her when she is doing her best to get her life back on track.

And despite everything that has happened in her past, it really does sound like Jenelle is trying to do just that -- turn her life around, I mean.

Good for her for being able to control her emotions even though she must be ready to lose her sh*&.

When it comes to growing up, everybody has to start somewhere.

Do you think Jenelle has a right to be upset with Amber?


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