'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Shocking Pregnancy Test Results Revealed

here comes honey boo boo

Season 3 of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ends with a bang ... or at least the possible consequences of one. Mama is freaking out because she thinks she may be pregnant. The reason? She is two weeks late. The last time that happened, she was expecting Alana. Now she's experiencing all the classic symptoms: mood swings, exhaustion, and out-of-control appetite (at least more so than usual).

She figures it's either a baby or menopause. Change of life at 33 -- not likely. You know what that means.


Though, as far as Mama June is concerned, a new baby is the last thing she wants. The four she has are plenty. So she keeps her fears to herself and goes about planning Alana and Anna's joint birthday party (they were born on the same day 11 years apart).

They agree to celebrate at a local carnival, but Anna didn't show up. A mean move that really devastated her mom, but it was clear what the teen was up to. She is still intent on moving out and Mama is giving her a hard time about it. She was probably trying to assert her independence. Mama can't help but lament about what it will be like without Anna and Kaitlyn in the house.

Still, even that bit of drama doesn't trump Mama's possible pregnancy. She's miserable at the thought, but it would be great for the show. It would all but guarantee another fun-filled, raunchy season. Can you imagine following Mama through nine months of pregnancy? If you think she's over the top now, just wait. But alas, she takes a pregnancy test and gets the answer she was hoping for. It's negative. Which is pretty surprising given her symptoms. Perhaps deep down she is actually longing for another little Honey Boo Boo!

Do you think June should have another baby?


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