‘Reign’ Promises a Too-Hot-for-TV Episode to Stream Online

reeeeeignHave you been watching Reign on The CW? If you haven't, get out of here and get to the nearest television and catch the hell up because, y'all, it gives me so many feelings and I want to share those feelings with you. In case you are unaware, Reign is The CW's take on the teenage years of Mary Queen of Scots, and I can't even with this show.

Imagine if a bunch of teens just swathed themselves in tube tops and drapey shawls and feather hair extensions and then began talking about the Kind of France being a total babe and sighing as a lute plays. I feel like that is a pretty fair assessment of what the show is like. It's essentially a teenage melodrama dressed up as a period piece and it is totally captivating. Seriously, it's the very definition of a guilty pleasure.


Plus, if you are of my generation (hi guys), you'll be tickled pink to find Megan Follows of Anne of Avonlea fame playing the scheming Queen Catherine. I love it when a ginger of a certain age quietly gets to chew up scenery! It's great!

Critics of the show (who clearly are taking life far too seriously) have been brutal in lambasting it. I don't agree, but I was prepared to agree with them when they predicted it wouldn't last a full season. Well Reign has friends in high places and people who love it as much as I do. Or so it would seem. Because not only is it still alive and kicking, but they've gotten the green light for a second season! WHOOOOOO!

In a bid, I theorize, to expand their audience, they are releasing two versions of an upcoming episode. One will air on The CW per usual; the other will be available only on the web due to EXTREME TEENAGE SEXINESS. Currently Mary is torn between the king's two sons, and if she needs to suss out her feelings with explicit boning, I won't judge.

Are you a fan of Reign?


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