Leah Calvert Puts Her Most Ridiculous Haters in Their Place

leah messer-calvertTeen Mom 2 star Leah Messer-Calvert just loves to switch up her hairstyles and colors. One minute, she's rockin' curly waves; the next, her blonde mane is straight, choppy, with a streak of bright purple. For Leah, rainbow hair must be a form of self-expression. But to some watching at home this week, her latest purple and brown highlights were worth railing about on Twitter.

Really, it's no wonder the mama of three got fired up over the negative reaction to her hair, tweeting ...


BOOM. Way to successfully shut down those haters, Leah!

Though not sure she's giving herself enough credit. I wouldn't say that beauty isn't at all important to Leah. She clearly has fun with it, but it's not like she's running to the salon every day. Nor should she be. She's perfectly pretty just the way she is. And there's absolutely no reason she should listen to anyone whose own life is so boring that they have nothing better to do than talk smack about Leah's ever-changing tresses!

What do you think about Leah's latest hair color/style?


Image via MTV

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