Mackenzie Douthit Breaks a Big Mom Rule

mackenzie douthit teen mom 3Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit is a fitness buff, so it's no wonder that no more than two weeks after giving birth to beautiful baby Jaxie, we looked at her stomach wondering, "Whoa, baby, what baby?!" Being in shape beforehand definitely helps with looking incredibly fit quicker post-baby. But no matter how awesome she already looks, the mama-of-two obviously wanted to get back to her fitness routine ASAP.

Mackenzie shared on Twitter last night that just three weeks after having Jaxie, she worked out ...


Awesome! Good for her! Although it's typically recommended for women to wait six weeks after giving birth to resume their exercise routine, it sounds like Mackenzie's doing only what she feels comfortable with. And hopefully her doctor has given her the thumbs-up, considering that she did have C-section (aka major surgery)!

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Still, having been through a pregnancy before and knowing that she has certain limitations related to being a type 1 diabetic, I'm venturing to guess (or at least wishfully hoping!) that Mackenzie knows what's best for her body. And what she needs to do to strike that balance any mom needs between enough activity and rest.

What do you think about Mackenzie revving up her workout routine so soon? How did you handle resuming exercise after baby?


Image via MTV

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