Kailyn Lowry Reveals One of the Saddest Details About Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

kailyn javi wedding teen mom 2 Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry seems like she couldn't be more content right now in her marriage to Javi Marroquin and in her relationship with her little boys Isaac and Lincoln. But back when MTV's cameras were rolling on her wedding planning and pregnancy, times were a bit tougher for Kail.

She recently sat down with Javi to reveal to MTV and fans what was really going on back then. Turns out, she and her husband suffered a major rough patch.


As Kailyn explains to Javi:

I really didn't feel like you and I were connected at that time. I didn't feel appreciated.

Meanwhile, Javi was traveling and not home during the first part of his wife's pregnancy, and Kailyn was struggling by being a SAHM without any friends around. Ugh. Definitely sounds like the foundation for trouble!

Thankfully, that stressful time in their life (and pregnancy hormones!) passed. But I appreciate Kailyn's honest confession and willingness to revisit it now.

Admitting that your relationship wasn't rock solid, especially during such a sensitive time, is brave. And yet, what she admitted is likely something so many women go through. I hope Kailyn's confession serves as a reminder that there's no shame in going through a difficult time in your marriage -- especially while pregnant -- and that you can come out of it even stronger.

Here's the clip in full:

Can you relate to Kailyn? How did you handle relationship strife during pregnancy?

Image via MTV

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