New 'Mad Men' Trailer Hints at What Finally Becomes of Don Draper

Don Draper The final season of Mad Men is fast upon us, and everyone has their own ideas about how the series will end. Personally I believe that this has all been a dream that the first Bobby Draper had after he got into daddy's scotch. But I could be wrong. In fact, I probably am. However things are going to go, this new trailer that just dropped for the final season promises that the show will remain as hard to pin down as it has for its entire duration.

Matthew Weiner hates trailers. He makes this clear at the 'next episode' bumps at the end of every episode of the show. The trailers he lets out basically tell you nothing about the plot. What they do reveal is everything you need to know about the mood. For a show like Man Men, the mood can tell you a heck of a lot. This 15-second clip is certainly no exception.


At the end of last season, Don Draper was a wreck. He was sent on several months leave of absence to get his act together. Yeah, methinks it's going to take more than a little time off for that to ever happen for Don. His career has basically been torpedoed and his marriage is in even worse shape. Things did not look good for Mr. Draper.

This clip shows Don getting off a plane someplace very sunny. Is he leaving or coming back? My money -- based on the suit -- is that he's returning from his enforced hiatus. Given the darker edges of the show that have thickened during its time on the air, I kind of believe that this final season will have Don burning down the old and setting up a new life for himself. What that life looks like, we'll have to wait and see when the show premieres.

Are you going to watch Mad Men's final season?


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