Amber Portwood Has Some Seriously Harsh Words for Jenelle Evans

Amber Portwood

Now that she's out of jail and is trying to get her life back on track, Amber Portwood apparently wants to make sure that none of the other gals in the Teen Mom franchise wind up in the same boat she landed herself in.

And in a new interview with In Touch, Amber shared her advice for Jenelle Evans, whom she obviously fears might follow in her footsteps and wind up in a very dark place.


What she had to say is a bit on the harsh side, but it's a decent wake-up call for Jenelle, nonetheless.

She went down the exact path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction and bad relationships, having custody taken away. But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around. Jenelle hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But if her rock bottom is lower than mine, that makes me scared for her.

Man. Has Amber done a total 180 or what? She is owning up to the mistakes she's made, and it's obvious that she genuinely does not want to see another young mother face the same awful fate she did.

And while some may think it's not Amber's place to school Jenelle in right versus wrong -- she really doesn't seem to be attacking her at all. She just seems concerned because she recognizes all the signs that point toward the worst case scenario happening.

If she's smart, Jenelle will take her advice to heart -- especially with the new baby coming and all. She finally seems to be in a pretty good place, and the last thing she needs to do is throw it all away again.

Do you think Amber is truly worried about Jenelle?


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