'Modern Family' Recap: Mitchell's New Job Is in Jeopardy Because of 1 Big Mistake

Mitchell Pritchett Modern FamilyIt's been a while since Mitchell had time to really shine on Modern Family. But this week our favorite ginger totally stole the show when a massive misunderstanding at his new job nearly got him canned before his first day was over. Making this hilarious story-line even greater? The addition of guest star Aisha Tyler! I've had a soft spot for her since her Talk Soup days and am basically obsessed with her on FX's Archer. It was awesome to see her in the flesh again -- though she must be tired of all the jokes about how tall she is at this point, right?

Mitchell was recruited by Aisha's character, Wendy, a former friend from his law school days, to join her socially and politically active law firm. It's Mitchell's dream job and he has every intention of making a great impression. All seems to be going well until he starts totally misreading how things are going at the office and basically winds up thinking that his sweet law school friend is a total monster


This culminated in arguably the most awkward confrontation ever -- it was so classically Mitchell. It was great! I mean, the bit of it I managed to watch through my clutched fingers. He thought a photo of her mom was Samuel L. Jackson! I died! The awkwardness of Mitchell's rant slowly deflated when he realizes that his boss isn't the tyrant he's suspected.

It was such a great use of Mitchell's nosy, Type-A personality causing trouble where there wasn't any trouble to be had in the first place! Sometimes with Mitchell and Cam playing off of each other (as great as that can be, and it is), you kind of lose sight of what the two men have in common. Like it can be hard to imagine why they'd ever fall in love. Watching Mitchell's imagination utterly get the best of him was also a reminder of just how much he and Cam actually have in common, which was pretty darn sweet.

Do you think Aisha Tyler should be a regular character on the show? I do!


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