Jenelle Evans' Latest Pregnancy Update Raises 1 Big Question

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

She just went to the doctor for a routine check-up, and it sounds like Jenelle Evans' baby boy is growing like crazy! Even though she is only 23 weeks along, little Kaiser is measuring at the 26-week mark, so her pregnancy is moving right along, to say the least.

And she seems pretty delighted with the progress her little guy is making. She shared the news of her doctor's visit on Twitter and said, "So Baby Kaiser is measuring at 26 weeks but I'm only 23 weeks! Haha!!! Over average!"


Hmm. Jenelle's due date is June 29, but could it be that her baby will show up a little earlier than that based on how she's measuring? There are several reasons why some women measure ahead during pregnancy -- but perhaps Jenelle's due date is a little off?

Three weeks seems like a pretty big gap, so maybe it's possible that she conceived Kaiser earlier than she thinks? Sometimes it's tough to pinpoint that sort of thing exactly if you're happy and in love and ... you know what I mean.

Huh. If you're a die-hard Jenelle fan, you might want to keep a good eye on her as soon as the beginning of June rolls around. At this rate, there's no telling when, exactly, she'll have some good news to share with us.

Did you measure ahead during your pregnancy?


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