Maci Bookout Is Digging a Hole She Might Not Be Able to Get Out Of

Maci Bookout son Bentley

Out of all of the stars of the Teen Mom shows, Maci Bookout is definitely the easiest to relate to. She really does such an amazing job with Bentley, and she also seems to run into a lot of the same challenges as the rest of us when it comes to parenting.

Like sleep issues, for instance. Remember when she tweeted about Bentley waking her up at the crack of dawn?

Well now it looks like Maci has a new sleep-related problem with her little guy that she might want to get under control before it becomes too routine.


I hate to break it her, but he's only going to get harder and harder to carry as time goes on. And as tempting as it is to let our kiddos drift off to dreamland in front of the TV -- it's definitely not something we should make a habit out of.

If Maci doesn't nip this one in the bud, she may find that Bentley either refuses to fall asleep in his bed or she may be forced to just leave him on the couch when he reaches a point where he's too heavy to lift. (Which will come sooner than later, given how petite she is.)

But I can't blame her for wanting to hang onto every sweet second she has while Bentley is still a little kid. They grow up way too fast, so it's almost impossible to resist picking them up and cuddling them at every chance we get!

Do you ever let your kids fall asleep on the couch?


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