'Glee' Recap: She's Pregnant, Alright (VIDEO)

Glee TrioFor a show about high schoolers, there has been a lot of baby business on Glee over the years -- from pregnant cheerleader Quinn Fabray to that Rachel Berry pregnancy scare to Sue Sylvester's bizarre insemination by Michael Bolton. And now there's another mother to add to the mix.

Tonight's episode was dubbed "Trio," and now we know why ... because baby is about to make three! Needless to say there's a SPOILER alert ahead, y'all! So who's the lucky mom ... and dad?


Mr. Schue and Miss Pillsbury are having a baby! Mark it on the calendar; I think this might just be the first pregnancy in Glee history to make sense AND be completely age appropriate! Well, OK, Sue's was the latter, but certainly not the former ...

To be honest, Mr. Schuester has seemed like a dad from the time the show started, even though he didn't have kids of his own. He's been like the father figure for the New Directions. Now that a whole new class is set to graduate -- Tina, Sam, Blaine, and Artie are all out of McKinley this spring -- it's like "his" kids are growing up and leaving the nest.

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But at 37 (did they ever mention his age before?), he's still got plenty of time to have some of his own, and now he's got the perfect partner to do it with. 

And do it, he did. We all were treated to a bit of TMI in the episode opener when Becky Jackson walked in on the Schuesters "trying" in the faculty bathroom and they had to 'fess up to Sue why they couldn't wait until they got home (gotta hit that ovulation window, you know).

Of course the couple had to share airtime with Rachel and Santana still warring in New York (and trying to get Starchild all mixed up in their battle royale), and Tina constantly bursting into tears at any mention of graduation, but nobody's going to steal Emma's thunder this time! She's having his baby! If only Cory were around to sing it for them ... 

Were you surprised the Schuesters were trying? What do you think it will be -- boy or girl?


Image via Adam Rose/FOX

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