Leah Calvert's Ex Refuses to Accept the Reality About Their Little Girl (VIDEO)

leah messer teen mom 2 discussing daughter's diagnosisLeah Messer-Calvert may have recently shared just how well her daughter Aliannah's been doing since getting diagnosed with a rare, degenerative form of muscular dystrophy, but apparently, she and ex-husband Corey Simms haven't always been in agreement about what's best ... or true for their daughter.

In a sneak peek clip from tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, the two have an emotional conversation about what the future holds for Ali ...


After Leah shares that her "only fear" is that her ex-husband won't accept Ali's diagnosis, Corey confesses:

I don't think I'll ever accept it, honestly. I don't think I will. Even if it's the doctor saying it and she's wheelchair-bound when she's 14, I still won't ... I don't want to accept it, and I probably won't.

So hard ... While it's completely understandable that he's struggling to accept it, fingers crossed he comes to terms with it sooner rather than later. I'm sure Leah and his daughter especially could really use his support while grappling with this challenging, ongoing situation.  

What do you think about Corey's reaction to Ali's diagnosis?

Image via MTV

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