Maci Bookout's Sweet & Simple Declaration of Love Tells Us So Much

maci bookout sharon bookout As if we needed even more reason to love original Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, Bentley's mama has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to someone extremely near and dear to her heart: Her own mom, Sharon!

Looks like Maci was hitting up her mama for advice concerning some sort of interpersonal conflict. In turn, Sharon offered some pretty invaluable words of wisdom to her daughter. And Maci ended up sharing their adorable text dialogue that basically sums up what rocks about a healthy, happy mother-daughter relationship ...


Ha, SO cute. If you can relate to this, and feel like there's no one like your mom to break it down for you, tell it like it is, and basically put things in perspective, you probably consider yourself pretty lucky.

Love that Maci has her mama to do that for her -- and obviously realizes how fortunate she is as a result. It's no wonder she wants to be just like her when she "grows up." Awww!

What was a time when your mom's advice made so much sense and helped clarify an issue you were struggling with?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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