Jenelle Evans Lets Haters Destroy Her Happiness

jenelle evans instagram morning sicknessTeen Mom's Jenelle Evans tends to be one tough cookie who doesn't even have TIME for anti-fan lash-outs on Twitter and Facebook. That's what makes her latest move even more shocking. After getting upset over haters sharing her baby registry info on Twitter, she faced a huge wave of criticism over what she and baby daddy Nathan Griffith had asked for from Babies R Us for their upcoming showers.

Then, in the wake of all the mud-slinging, Jenelle actually ended up deleting her registry altogether!

The MTV star posted several fed-up tweets about the fiasco yesterday ...


Worse yet, Jenelle apparently has no plans to make a new registry. What a shame! I am actually shocked that she let these anonymous jerks rain on her happy parade. That she gave into them and that she feels the need to defend herself. 

I don't see any problem with enjoying as many showers as loved ones want to throw you, and a registry simply gives guests various ideas to choose from. It's a wish list. Something any and every mom-to-be deserves.

So sad to see Jenelle feel as though she has to throw her wish list down the drain because of a handful of judgmental jerks online. Hopefully, her family and friends are granted special, private access to a registry, because she and Kaiser have every right to be properly celebrated and "showered"!

Can you believe Jenelle gave into her haters?!


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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