'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Leah Calvert's Daughter Is the Luckiest Kid in the World

Leah CalvertIt was another tearjerker kind of episode of Teen Mom 2 this week, but don't worry. They were the good kind of tears. Leah Calvert finally convinced Corey Simms to let baby Ali go to school to get the head start that she needs because of her health issues.

And tonight we got to see what happens when a mother and father who are both divorced and remarried struggle with sending their special needs toddler off to school and another kid who is acting out and not ready for school.


They come together like nobody's business.

At least, that's what Leah and Corey, along with their respective spouses Jeremy and Miranda, did for baby Ali on this week's episode. We got to see all four of her parents in one room, talking cordially and making plans for her future ... not once, but twice!

How mature! How inspiring!

Some 50 percent of couples in America may end up divorced, but if all of them could even do half of what Leah and Corey do for their kids, there would be a LOT more happy, well-adjusted kids in America. Divorce isn't what hurts kids; it's bitter, angry, fighting parents!

Ali, fortunately, has the exact opposite. She may have a rare degenerative form of muscular dystrophy, and she may be behind on her milestones, but the love and support she has make her one incredibly lucky little girl ... and that's what brought all the tears tonight.

At least, that's where the tears for Teen Mom viewers came from.

Kailyn Lowry's tears, on the other hand, came from Javi's pain in the butt family -- specifically those members who'd been invited to join her wedding party but couldn't manage to make it to any planning events. Poor girl is fighting a custody battle with her ex, pregnant, AND planning a wedding ... and she can't even manage to get all her bridesmaids in the same room. Then, to top it all off, after ignoring Kail's texts and questions, they had the audacity to text Javi complaining about Kail and her maid of honor.

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Chelsea had it a little rough on this episode too, with Adam pulling a fast one behind her back with little Aubree. The tot was supposed to stay at Adam's parents' house overnight, but instead went to Adam's house for a sleepover with him, his girlfriend Taylor, and new baby Paislee. When Chelsea found out about it on Facebook, Adam lied to her.

Turns out two kids aren't enough to turn him into a responsible dad. The good news is Aubree seems to love her little sister (seriously, the scenes of her holding the baby rank in the top 5 cutest ever moments on this show), and she didn't even bring her up to her mom. The 4-year-old's dad might be a jerk, but she seems to be pretty OK with everything in life right now.

As for Jenelle, the episode was fairly drama-free for a change. She went to court, only to find out things had been postponed. Her husband Courtland was going to get out on time served ... which is bad news for Jenelle, who thinks that if Courtland manages to get her in a car, he'd kidnap her.

Yes, she really said that. And that's fairly drama-free for Jenelle.

What did you think of the Calvert/Simms family pow-wow? Could you sit down with your ex and his new wife like that?


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