Chris Harrison Says Chubby & Gay Men Need Not Apply to 'Bachelor'

chris harrisonChris Harrison. You are making it very hard for me to continue being blindly devoted to you these days. Hot off of Juan Pablo's incendiary talk about the possibility of a gay Bachelor, Chris weighed in on the show's future stars, and what he had to say was the opposite of enlightened. Actually, he went a step FURTHER than our boy Juan Pablo in terms of awfulness. A thing I did not think was actually possible.

In a recent interview, Chris "Suave" Harrison was asked if The Bachelor would ever consider someone less hunky than their usual stars. You know, someone with a little bit more to love. Chris shot down the prospect of a chubby Bachelor like it was possum in his attic and he was a gun-toting man with a virulent fear of possums, a fear that surmounted reason or the safety concerns regarding shooting a possum in your attic.


Chris was dropping cold, hard truth bombs like they were roses and it was the first week of The Bachelor. Chris says that chubby "isn't attractive" and T.V., whether we like it or not, is all about looks. It's not that Chris is anti-chubby guys; in fact, when breaking down why it could never work for the show -- he pointed to himself! Chris. You're a total babe. Calm down. Expand your mind and your waistline. Eat this brownie. I like my hosts of reality T.V. with a little something extra to hold onto. Have I gone too far?

We can actually chalk up all of Chris's comments to his burgeoning business savvy. Essentially, when it comes to a gay Bachelor, Chris thinks that would be bad for business. Sigh. Give me back the brownie, Chris. I like my hosts socially proactive in their support for marriage equality. He says that this doesn't mean he's anti-gay-marriage, he just thinks that changing up the show is bad for business. Sounds like a weak defense to me.

Do you think Chris is being business savvy or just homophobic?


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