Jimmy Fallon & Idina Menzel Jam to 'Let It Go' With Kids' Instruments (VIDEO)

Come on, guys -- you knew this was coming, right?! After her stunning performance at this year's Oscars, Idina Menzel took "Let It Go" on the road and visited The Tonight Show to treat us all to an incredibly creative and sweet cover of the song from Disney's Frozen. With the help of host Jimmy Fallon, who has really found a niche that works here, and the uber-talented band members from The Roots, Idina and friends created the most interesting version of the song we've heard yet -- one that involves children's musical instruments!


Considering the fact that this song was written for a children's film, it seems natural to incorporate a colorful xylophone, triangle, and egg shakers, doesn't it? It doesn't hurt that Idina's voice is pure magic and she can hold a tune no matter who or what arrangement is backing her vocals. Um, not that The Roots aren't more than capable of supporting her with their incredible musical talent.

This is one of Jimmy's best mashups -- one that I'm guessing is going to inspire first grade teachers everywhere as they prepare for their spring musicals! Check it out and let us know what you think:

Are you a Frozen fan? What do you think of this rendition of the popular song?


Image via YouTube

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