'Dallas' Recap: Harris Ryland Drops Bombshell That Changes Everything

Whoa! Talk about a mind-blowing episode. Dallas this week packed some major twists no one saw coming. If you haven't watched it yet, be warned -- major spoilers ahead.  

Harris Ryland's release from jail -- courtesy of the Mexican cartel to transport drugs across the border -- has Southfork's panties in a bunch. He surprises Emma, his treacherous wench of a daughter, and threatens to put her in rehab if she defies him again. Emma enlists her insanely devilish grandmother Judith to do just that. Meanwhile, Anne and Bobby call in favors to try to get him back behind bars. Everyone hates Harris Ryland. I thought he was pure evil, but I was wrong. Pick-my-mouth-off-the-floor wrong.


Turns out, Harris Ryland has been working with the CIA for years! I never saw that coming! He warns Bobby and Anne to stop snooping into his release from jail because Emma will be in danger if the cartel suspects anyone else had anything to do with it. The cartel guys are ex-commando of the Mexican army and are using drug money to take down the government.

The other scene stealer this week was Judith. OMG. She runs a drug kingpin's hands up and down her body in a suggestive striptease to prove she isn't wearing a wire. She also snorts two lines of coke to seal the deal with the cartel on behalf of Ryland Transportation. "Mama like," she said. This is not your average grandmother.

Sue Ellen hires J.R.’s former henchman, Bum, to follow John Ross and promptly takes a swig from her flask out of guilt. Poor Sue Ellen. Her alliance with her son and her flirtation with sobriety are constantly tested. Bum takes photos of John Ross whoring around with Emma but lies to Sue Ellen when she asks him if he has any proof of cheating. Instead, he throws the photos at John Ross and tells him to emulate his father’s greatness, not his weakness with women.

Sue Ellen is not the only one who suspects John Ross is unfaithful. Pamela confronts him after she sees him flirting at the office and at the Southfork barbecue. “If I ever find out if you have been stepping out on me, God’s wrath will be the least of your worries,” she said. I believe her. I was a little scared.

John Ross and Bobby are still clashing over fracking. John Ross wants to free up funds to buy the Arctic oil leases and drilling on Southfork is key. He won a crucial surface rights fight, but Bobby's not giving up on protecting the land just yet.

And Elena's going on with her bad self. No one suspects she is secretly aligned with Nicholas and Cliff Barnes. She’s gainfully employed by Ewing Global so she can spy her skinny little butt off (seriously, she must live on lettuce). She even manages to switch Bobby's hard drive undetected.

Can you believe Judith is back and Harris Ryland is working for the CIA? What was your favorite part of this week's episode?


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