New Details on Kailyn Lowry's Memoir Are Pretty Painful to Hear

Kailyn Lowry

Her tell-all book is set to come out next month, but after hearing new details about what will be included in Kailyn Lowry's memoir, Pride Over Pity, it's clear that we're in for a very heartbreaking tale.

Yes, I know about a month ago, we learned that her book would involve some pretty intense secrets from her past. But the new press release that just came out goes one step further. It says Kailyn talks about a stay in a homeless shelter and opens up about her sexuality and "traumatic sexual experiences that have left her deeply scarred."

Wait ... there's more. An excerpt from the memoir was also released.


It reads:

If I ever gaze at the past, I shudder. I shudder to count how many times I mistakenly thought I was loved. I quiver unpleasantly to recall the person I used to be and how I acted in some of my relationships. Looking back, it’s not surprising that I turned to boys for love so early. I needed appreciation. I needed to feel worthy. Most of all I needed support.

Wow. This girl has a ton of courage to discuss her painful experiences in such detail. And it sounds like reading this book will give us a whole new appreciation for who Kailyn is and just how far she's come. Despite all that's happened in her past, she really seems to have her act together and appears to be pretty content in her life as a wife and mom. Even though I'm sure her struggles are painful to recall, it's obvious that they've made her a stronger person than she ever imagined.

Are you looking forward to reading Kailyn's book?


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