Amber Portwood Gets Another Sad Reminder of All She's Missed With Leah

Amber Portwood daughter

Ugh. After Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's recent meltdown, the last thing she needs is one more reminder of just how much time she spent away from daughter Leah while she was in jail.

Even though she's slowly starting to get her act back together, it's not like she can ever really make up for the time she lost. And since Gary Shirley has full custody of their daughter, Amber must feel kind of helpless and out of control.


It can't be easy to watch your child be raised by someone else, so it has to bum Amber out a bit that Gary had Leah's hair cut -- which is something moms typically expect to do with their little girls.

He posted an adorable photo of Leah to Twitter and said: "Leah wants her hair cut! Deciding if we should get enough cut off to donate! I gave @leah_leann the choice she said yes! Hard deciding!"

(Wait. Leah has her own Twitter account?!?)

Here's the pic.

Amber Portwood daughter

Anyway, it's cool that she made the choice to donate her locks -- but can you imagine being in Amber's shoes right about now? If a child that young has the presence of mind to want to do something good for others, it must mean the person who is raising her is doing a decent job. And since Amber is not as involved as I'm sure she wants to be in Leah's life, even something as small as this has to sting a bit.

But still, she should take comfort in the fact that Leah seems to be doing ok, and if nothing else, she has a sweet and innocent nature. Her childhood hasn't exactly been "normal" thus far, but she really does seem to be a pretty great kid.

Do you feel bad for Amber?


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