'True Detective' With Cats Parody Is Purrrfectly Odd

catsSay what you will about HBO's latest prestige series True Detective, but it's absolutely mesmerizing. Me, I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. I am reserving all judgment until the season has come to a close. For now I will say that I'm among the many folks who are totally hooked on the strange ride Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, director Cary Fukunaga, and writer/creator Nic Pizzolato have taken us on.

It's a hell of a show, completely dark and fascinating, and I can think of few ways that the folks behind the scenes could make it more compelling. You know, except for re-shooting the entire thing featuring cats instead of human beings. OH EXCEPT WAIT. THAT HAPPENED. AND IT WAS GREAT. GREAT I TELL YOU. Well, they didn't re-shoot the whole thing, but one ardent fan did a cat-filled parody of the show's opening credits and I can't stop watching it.


Frankly, cats should be utilized in many, many more television programs. I think I am not out of line if I say most, if not all television would be greatly improved if the casts were banished and the cats were brought in. Here are a few examples that only serve to support my central thesis:

1. The Real Housewives of ANYWHERE

I mean, the cat fight jokes write themselves. Additionally, why waste good booze by throwing it on people when you can have outraged cats being doused with water by their enemies. I feel I've made my point.

2. New Girl

I actually love New Girl! I ain't even care what all y'all T.V. snobs say -- Schmidt amuses me. You know what might amuse me more? If Zooey Deschanel accidentally swapped bodies with a fluffy white blue-eyed kitten. Think of the shenanigans, you guys -- nay, the hijinks!

3. Grey's Anatomy

This show has done everything imaginable -- time jumps, a musical episode, killing off at least two-thirds of the cast. Why not replace everyone with cats? It's basically just logic.

4. The Bachelor

... on second thought, this might be too obscene. Plus, I firmly believe in spaying and neutering your pets. That said, after Juan Pablo's unrelenting desire to make out with everyone/thing, would it really be so shocking to see some animals follow the natural order of things during a rose ceremony? Probably not. 

5. The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder would support this -- he loves animals! Plus, the cats wouldn't have to get in character. If we needed to get their fangs for a shot, we'd just cover the extras in tuna and let them go to town!

What other shows do you think could be improved with the strategic use of cats?


Image via AKN Alt/YouTube

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