Kailyn Lowry Refuses to Let Breastfeeding Take Over Her Life

Kailyn Lowry breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is all well and good until you're ready to let loose and have some fun, which is why Kailyn Lowry is pumping milk now to make sure she's fully stocked up when her birthday rolls around on March 14.

Is she resourceful or what? I mean, way to plan ahead so you aren't forced to bring a baby out on the town with you. (That would be such a drag.)

Oh, and pumping and dumping is such a pain in the rear end, not to mention a huge waste, considering breast milk is, like, liquid gold.


And based on how Kailyn broke the news of her impending big day to one of her Twitter followers, it sounds like she's in for quite the celebration. She said, "@aliciafab starting to pump tomorrow so I have a stock pile for the night and to recover. Hahaha."

Ha! So she's expecting to need a little recovery time the next day? Sure sounds like she plans on having a heck of a time. And since she's giving herself nearly two weeks to pump beforehand, she won't even have to worry if she winds up needing more than one day to bounce back after a night of partying.

Man. She's one smart cookie. Although, since she does have a small baby at home, she might wind up calling it a night much earlier than she's hoping to on the 14th. Night life really ain't what it used to be after you pop out a couple of kids.

How far do you plan ahead when it comes to pumping?

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