'Girls' Recap: Maybe Hannah & Adam Will Get Married

lena dunham girlsThis episode of HBO's Girls was different. It gave us an inside look at Hannah's family in a whole different way. And her relationship with Adam. Along with her mother's thoughts about Adam. The two most uncomfortable moments involved the discussion of Hannah and Adam getting married, which wasn't something I saw coming. It was really awkward when Hannah mentioned to Adam that her mother wanted her to lie and say she was engaged.

Yikes. Adam clearly wasn't ready to talk about that. And then they get into a sort of argument. And then ... he tells Grandma that they're getting married.


He loves her. That's for sure. Maybe it freaked him out to talk about at first, but then he thought about it more ... Hannah gets into that car accident, maybe it made him think about losing her and that wasn't something he ever wanted to do so it made him think about marriage.

Or maybe he just saw how his reaction hurt her and because he loves her so much he didn't want her to feel bad.

But then Hannah's mom -- who was the one who asked her to lie to grandma in the first place about marriage -- tells Hannah that she doesn't think Adam is right for her, that he's too weird, that it won't last. Ouch, mom. Hannah's reaction when her mom told her this made me sad. This happens a lot -- a parent doesn't think the person their child loves is good enough for them. And I really felt for Hannah. She feels so much rejection from her parents, or that she could never do the right things or the things they want her to do. That's never a good feeling.

I wonder if this will make her re-think things with Adam or if it will strengthen their relationship and perhaps have them really thinking about marriage.

What do you think about this episode? Have your parents even thought the person you were with wasn't good enough for you?

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