Teresa & Joe Giudice's Plea Deal May Save 1 of Them From Jail

Joe and Teresa GiudiceIn some of the most serious real drama to affect Real Housewives stars, Teresa and Joe Giudice of RHONJ fame are expected to appear in court Tuesday to face  41 counts of fraud. For months there's been talk of major prison time -- up to 50 years -- and even possible deportation for Joe. A new twist in their approach to the case, however, could soften the punishment a bit.

According to In Touch, the two are close to reaching a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney's office in which they would actually plead guilty.


There are varying reports as to what pleading guilty could mean for the hot-headed couple. According to In Touch,  Joe would serve a minimum of five years in federal prison, but Teresa wouldn't serve any time. Instead she'd be on probation for a maximum of five years. They'd also have to pay $11 million in restitution, but Joe would be able to stay in the United States. That sounds a lot better than 50 years in the slammer.

The Bergen Record, however, says Teresa would be sentenced to less than two years in prison, while Joe would get a max of three years.  So it's unclear exactly what this could do for them, but it sounds like it could really minimize their punishment in any case, which for their children's sake, I'm glad to hear. While they should definitely have to pay for these kinds of crimes if found guilty, seeing them sit in jail for most of the rest of their lives isn't going to help anyone really.

We'll be watching to see what goes down Tuesday.

Do you think Teresa and Joe Giudice should serve jail time?


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