Kailyn Lowry Going on Extreme Diet Even Though She's Breastfeeding

Kailyn Lowry

Whoa ... talk about dedication! Would you believe that Kailyn Lowry is starting a juice cleanse to help her shed her pregnancy pounds? Yep. She's so ready to give her diet a jump start, in fact, that she took to Twitter to ask her followers for recommendations on juicers.

And don't be mistaken -- because it sounds like she has no intention of whipping up thick smoothies or throwing fruits and veggies into filling protein shakes. Nope. Kailyn said, "I'm doing a cleanse first and then I will blend!!"

Dang. Living on nothing but juice is making me hungry as heck right about now -- and I'm not even breastfeeding!


Um, from what I remember about life with a baby on the boob, hunger sort of takes on a whole new meaning. More power to her for wanting to get back in shape and detox her system and all -- but how on earth is she going to get by drinking nothing but juice all while feeding a baby?!?

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I hope she checked with her doctor first to make sure this little cleanse is even healthy, and if she got the go ahead? Well, she probably shouldn't put too much pressure on herself if she finds she's about ready to eat her foot by noon on the very first day.

Her baby Lincoln is still so young, and she has plenty of time to take off the weight in a gradual and healthy way without having to resort to such extreme measures.

Why torture yourself if there's really no reason to?

On that note, I think I need a snack. I'm starved just thinking about this cleanse of hers.

Would you ever do a juice cleanse while breastfeeding?


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