Farrah Abraham Gives Another Sign That She's Clearly Delusional

Farrah Abraham

Uhhhhh ... ok. I really don't want to be Debbie Downer or rain on anyone's parade, but do you ever get the feeling that Farrah Abraham might be living in a different reality than the rest of us?

I mean, she doesn't exactly have the best track record for being mother of the year, and then there's her reputation, you know, which is kind of scarred after the whole "I starred in a porno" thing.

But regardless of anything that's happened in her life, Farrah honestly believes that she's kicking ass and taking names in every aspect of it.


She posted this tweet yesterday to let her followers know just how pleased she is with herself these days.

That's ... great?

Well, at least being thankful for her family and friends is a positive thing that she should be grateful for.

But what about the "mom I've become" bit? Is she referring to her admission that she'll let Sophia have plastic surgery someday? Or the fact that she threw her an over-the-top 5th birthday party complete with a pony and princess cake?

Sure, it's good that she's at least wanting to be fully involved in Sophia's life, but it's pretty safe to say she still has a bit of work to do as far as being a rock star mom goes. Like she needs to at least let a few years go by so the dust settles on the sex tape thing. (Then maybe she can throw her name back into the running for winning some sort of parenting award.)

Do you think Farrah needs a reality check?


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